9 Natural Cleaning Recipes for New Mamas

With the birth of your first (or second or third or . . .) baby, cleaning becomes a completely different creature. Where once you were wiping dust off of surfaces and calling it good, now you're worried about what your babe's little mouth may come in contact with. You want surfaces to be clean, and you want your cleaners to be safe.

Preschool Paleontology – Dino Dig! Class

My four-year-old daughter has expressed an interest in dinosaurs, so I organized a Dino Dig! class for our homeschool co-op. We dug fossils, measured dinosaurs, looked at life-sized footprints, and more!

the Story of the World Volume 1: Usborne Book List

Our family uses the Story of the World history curriculum from Peace Hill Press as a secular homeschooling curriculum. Check out the list of Usborne books that can be rich resources for your kids as they work through Story of the World!

Usborne’s Peek Inside Books

Usborne's Peek Inside books can help you nurture your bookworms - see inside of them in this video!

Do Nice, Be Kind, Spread Happy: Knock Down Ginger

For Advent this year, we are going to perform ninja acts of kindness inspired by the book Do Nice, Be Kind, Spread Happy {DNBKSH}. DNBKSH is a book full of random acts of kindness that kids can perform, many without a parent’s help. I’m going to share some of our projects here to help spread the happy and inspire others! If you’d like to join us and do your own...

60 Acts of Kindness for Our Families

Kindness is catching. Be a catalyst for the ripple effect of kindness in your own life. Here are sixty ideas to get you started in your own family; start at home and see how far your kindness can go.

Do Nice, Be Kind, Spread Happy: Return to Sender

Do Nice, Be Kind, Spread Happy this holiday season! Get your own copy at CodeNameBookworms.com, and get a DISCOUNTED copy during Small Business Saturday only in my VIP Facebook Group!!

Something to Read – Shop Usborne on Book Friday & Cyber Monday!

Usborne will have books up to 60% off on Book Friday and Cyber Monday, and the sales will change all day long as inventory is depleted. Shop here: www.s4894.myubam.com/146661

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Toddler Nursing Under Cover

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